Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tips for Taking Fabulous Vacation Photos

1. Fill the frame. Take a step or two closer to fill your frame with the subject. A picture of your kids skiing shouldn’t include another skier wiping out in the background. Also, position the subject of the picture a little off center. “Putting the frame right in the middle automatically gives you a boring composition,” says Richard L’Anson, a photographer and the author of Travel Photography: A Guide to Taking Better Pictures. Placing the subject away from the center creates a more dynamic picture.

2. Watch the light. For the most flattering light, take pictures in the first or last few hours of sunlight, says L’Anson.

3. Trade cameras. How many times have you returned from vacation only to realize your photos include everyone else? If you’re traveling with others, consider trading cameras for half the trip. That way, both you and the other person will get plenty of candid shots of yourselves.

4. Bookmark locations. Ever scroll through your vacation photos and come across a building you can no longer identify? Take a picture of the signage of a monument, museum, or historical setting before you take the shot. Then, when you scroll through your photos months later, you’ll have a record of what that important-looking building actually is.

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